Please use this page to post papers/thoughts related to talks and discussions.

1. Here are the review articles that Morton Denn referred to in his talk on January 16.

2. Here are some more reviews on Shear Banding, Yielding and Shear Thickening.

For these and more papers on shear banding see the folder on Shear Banding Papers

3. A review article from Michel Cloitre

4. Some papers regarding the Herschel-Bulkley (HB) exponent (Following Craig Maloney's Talk on January 31st)
4.1 Microgels [link between transient flows and HB exponent]

4.2 Foams & emulsions [link between non-linear friction force between bubbles/droplets and HB exponent]

4.3 Theory & Modeling

5. Dense Suspension Models

6. Wyart-Cates papers on DST

If you look at this paper, the point about mu(J) rheology that makes it different from Newtonian or polymers in weak flow is the linear dependence of normal stress differences on strain rate.

7. Scaling theory for mu(I) and mu(J) (frictionless particles)

Papers from Gary Leal

Chakraborty-Morris collaboration paper on DST theory